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Everyone’s noticed tales about individuals selling stuff that was strange. Chips shaped like Jesus, a snowball, star lingerie. Once I saw on the information someone selling his vote inside the election on eBay. (He was charged using a prison for voter fraud.) A few of the auctions are designed to be jokes, and a few are legitimate ones that simply are already marketing things that were definitely odd. There’s a group on eBay called Weird Stuff, and that’s wherever I seemed to get the number that is existing. The bigger class is The Rest, and Odd Stuff is below that. The three subcategories within Weird Material are Really Odd, Somewhat Abnormal, and Totally Bizarre. A lot of the goods are possibly sexual in character (whips, handcuffs, etc.) or offensive to at least one or more of the senses (fake dog doo, fart simulators).

It’s thus crucial that it’s wellbalanced and that the handles are simple to reach and work.

But when you receive through the dumb stuff that fit in additional types, there are several actual jewels. Well, odd treasures anyway. Underdog doo which have been buried like gems. eBay on Amazon eBay For Dummies Buy Now View all 7 pictures Exposed toilet paper on eBay Suppressed ” files ” on eBay View all 7 photos Jesus bandages/band-aids on eBay Cigarette case on eBay See all 7 photos Voodoo mask on eBay See all 7 pictures Tampon case on eBay View all 7 images Unconventional pickle bottle on eBay See all 7 images Jesus impression on the buckle on eBay One Slightly Used Roll Of Pleasant White Soft Toilet Paper Buy It Now: $ 85 Yes, owner is currently selling “what is left of the throw of toilet paper” that he remains to utilize daily. He freely confesses that it’s a nuisance to attract visitors to his listings that are reputable, but can provide the toilet paper must make him or anyone elect to purchase it an offer. 27 CD’s Of Suppressed UFO Docs! With Audios Buyitnow: $59.99 Owner, amidst typos that are massive, calls this auction ” the Whole pair of Declassified, Restricted, Stolen Eye-observed cover ups of true although amazing experiences, consumed right from our Government Archive documents.” He continues on to record what’s on each CD. Several of the matters, he claims, include UFOs, time-travel, crop communities, Mars & the moon, free power, weather control, Greenhouse Conspiracy, roots of fat, fake physicians, aliens, concealed technology, phony beliefs, Bigfoot, and cattle mutilations. He suggests it required him 11 years to gather his selection.

Eventually, she requested her overall household to wish.

Thirty Jesus Christ Bandages in 2 Container Containers w/Free Doll Buyitnow: $9.65 Yes these are bandaids with photographs of Jesus. 15 plastic bandages are come with by each container. Handle your pieces together with the custom bandage’s “unbelievable healing power.” He does not state exactly what the doll that is free is. Donkey Cigarette Dispenser: Neat…nevertheless major. Buyitnow: $9.99 What method that is better to take your cigarettes than in the donkey. And from where do the cigarettes get dispensed? Yes, you got it: they come out of the ass of the ass.

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This can be, because the seller claims, ” a primitive supplement to any room.” It’s 7.5 ins by 5 inches and suits 25 cigarettes.Freaky Historic Voodoo Horror Hide Buyitnow: $4.99 A crazy mask with ” colorings that are [that] produce him look like a historical killer nearly.” He’s eyes that “may actually follow right along with you.” Oh, which list comes by an individual who extends a retailer called Tuff Girlz Custom Toyz. FRESH retro MERMAID TATTOO Tampon Personalized Event Buy It Now: $21.95 Whilst the outline suggests, this can be a circumstance that you could discreetly carry your tampons in. It’s a mermaid decor, that will be type of oxymoronic, because, nicely, mermaids don’t quite possess the equipment to use tampons. The list, being a point that is selling, claims that it contains three normal tampons or two very. Extraordinarily Odd Bottle of Pickles FULLY UNEDIBLE 3D art Buyitnow: $1.99 An unusually shaped vessel of what was previously dill pickles. Form on the inside. At least he is sincere about the “unedible” part. (I believe the term he was trying to find is inedible.) TURQUOISE BELT BUCKLE IMAGE OF JESUS WIDE BELT Buy It Now: $40.00 The vintage “image of Jesus” selling. The vendor promises that the experience of Jesus is to the buckle.

Offer your new dwelling data for the landlord when they have to contact you.

He gives that the buckle gear is very, too. Goods The State eBay Bible The Just Revised and Updated Variation of informative speech the Very Most Complete eBay How-To Information from First-Time For Everybody People to Experts that are eBay Buy Now Things to Promote on eBay and Where-To Get It: The Guide to Product Sourcing for eBay and Beyond Buy Now eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay’s Most Profitable Sellers (2nd Edition) (v. 2) Buy Now Deluxe Tabletop Lighted Photo Studio Buy See all 7 photographs Odd, strange, and amusing results on eBay (photograph source:) You’ll be able to help by standing this informative article up the HubPages area highlight top-quality material. Useful – 4 2 – Beautiful – Interesting Past Exciting Page-A-Day Calendars for 2015 next Best Garden and Yard Procedures If You Prefer to Upset… Encouraged Modems Follow (1)Remarks 19 responses Goto opinion that is last NYLady6 years back from Plains, NY Hi Profound: Good center. You love eBay. My personal favorite? The Mermaid Tampon case.

Ideas & warnings wednesdays, tuesdays and saturdays are often the cheapest nights.

ProfoundPuns6 years back from Baltimore, USA Center Author I am a lover of the event, also. Though I-do like the $85,000 move of paper. Christine almaraz6 years ago from colorado springs Only plain strange:) Fascinating heart. I am gonna surf e-bay currently simply to go through the strange material individuals are selling! ProfoundPuns6 years back from Annapolis, USA Link Author There are some nuts sellers on the market… But in the same way several mad customers! Necessary things6 years back from Belgium!! You neglected the gum that was chewed forsale… Persons positive are mad…

The primary crusade were only available in the entire year 1096 and finished in 1099.

You gotta love being individual. Thumbsup! rockinjoe6 years back from Ranking directly behind you! Level 1 Commenter Another excellent center. That one should be kept by you as a sequence. ProfoundPuns6 years ago from Baltimore, USA Link Writer I attempted to select deals that would be up for a number of years, and so I may procrastinate around feasible in changing it. Dayzeebee6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines This is a fun and that Iam still aghast that these things can be sold by individuals over at ebay — and I assumed the strangest points were sold by us within our sidewalks in the Philippines. Eric from Australia I obtained a few of the bandaids ages ago. The model can be a little christ that is plastic as possible put on top of one’s pen.

Do not utilize the intervieweeis phrases out-of circumstance.

Classy! Annamarie Bowman6 years back from California Wow!! I have noticed some strange issues on Ebay, and on craigslist. It is a great number. I acknowledge, you need to do a series. Months or a couple weeks from currently, you ought to perform a component II, etc. Get back Outstanding Neil Ashworth5 years back from Ireland Interesting report. Some good material there! I’ll drop-back in later to reread intimately.

This matches using the aim of emphasizing problems and solutions.

Reward Experts5 years ago These matters are usually great talk-entrepreneurs! Everybody sure understands – -and antics there. Info that is excellent! branta994 years ago I love your website. I have a half-eaten shrub mushroon available. It coated in mold and is aged at 2 1/2 decades. I’m will offer free delivery and only requesting $65.00 because of it. Jesus72knight4 years ago from New York Who’d challenge acquire a toilet-paper? Impressive that is quite.

Building improvements can also cover a sizable array with regards to the quantity of reconstruction.

I’m very amused along with your link. You’ll be followed by me then. jerseys4kids.com4 years back from Vancouver / Bangkok Am I the only person thinking what that bottle is for? Automated cigarettes4 years back Hello all i bought my cigarettes that are electric that are applied but without batteries in that. Your post is whatsoever bizarre than certain mine. Since toilet-paper is hardly anything to mention. Am sure I Will link you. Because I-donot wanna miss this type of great page.

Desperation may start to occur and you also may opt to give up your desire.

CollB4 years back Ebay is a web for a few very appealing items. For expressing this data cheers. PaperNotes4 years back Wow, just how much weirder can you get? I believe additionally there are some bizarre people who may buy them if people can fit those products onsale. Sign in or enroll and article using a HubPages consideration. 8192 characters left.Post Opinion URLs will be hyperlinked, although no HTML is allowed in responses. For advertising your Hubs or other sites, reviews aren’t. working